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Follow-up physiotherapy


Physio­the­rapy at polycli­nic

At Heart Hospital Polyclinic, patients can see a physiotherapist with a referral from one of the Heart Hospital doctors. Physiotherapy patients are predominantly discharged Heart Hospital patients who need further physiotherapy as the recovery progresses. Some of the patient groups have agreed to practice physiotherapy. At the polyclinic, the physiotherapist is a mobility specialist and part of a multi-professional care team.

At the polyclinic, a physiotherapist evaluates the patient’s physical performance and provides them personalised guidance on being active with a heart condition or following an operation. The guidance is individualised and timely. The aim is to motivate patients and encourage them to remain mobile with their disease.

Patients attending the physiotherapy clinic have very different diagnoses, such as coronary heart disease, pulmonary arterial hypertension, heart failure or rare heart disease. If necessary, the Heart Hospital physiotherapist will provide the patient with physiotherapy follow-up appointments at their own health centre or occupational health centre. The physiotherapist also works in close co-operation with the Heart Hospital rehabilitation practitioners.