Instructions to relatives

Instructions for visitors

Patients are often brought to the hospital by a family member, but sometimes it may be necessary for them to also attend the consultation with the doctor.

An outpatient clinic visit involves counselling about treatment and medication. Often there is so much new information that the patient doesn’t think about asking questions until later. The patient’s close relatives are therefore very welcome to attend the consultation if the patient is happy to allow it.

Enquiring about the patient’s condition

A relative can enquire about the patient’s condition in the department where they are being looked after. If you don’t know the ward, you can call Heart Hospital via the switchboard. Tel: +358 3 311 716  (switch)

Visiting hours

Note: Restrictions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Most of the wards have unrestricted visiting hours. Relatives are requested to visit the patient during the afternoon or evening, however, because the treatments and investigations take place in the morning or mid-day. Ward staff is happy to provide information on the visiting hours.

Giving out patient data to close relatives

Patient data is primarily given only by the patient’s consent. If the patient’s condition, for example, prevents giving such permission, patient information can be disclosed to close family when there is no reason to suspect the patient would disagree. We cannot give information to anyone else due to professional secrecy and confidentiality. We wish that the close relatives and family members can come to an agreement on who should enquire about the patient and then deliver the information to others.