Patient hotel

Heart Hospital’s patient hotel serves the patients and visitors

Norlandia Tampere patient hotel is a safe alternative for the client who is having a procedure done in Heart Hospital but does not have to be an inpatient. Patients’ relatives may also stay at the patient hotel.

You may wish to arrive on the day before the operation and stay in a comfortable room at the hotel and go straight to your appointment in the morning. The comfortable and peaceful environment of the patient hotel is also a good option when your condition does not require hospitalisation, but you will want to attend the hospital for monitoring or a check-up.

Stay safely in the patient hotel

The close collaboration between Heart Hospital and the patient hotel means linking the two in such a way that is safe for the patient to stay in the patient hotel, rather than having an inpatient stay in hospital prior to an appointment or afterwards.

As a public-sector patient you only pay the statutory charges

When patients arrive for their treatment, Heart Hospital reserves the right to arrange for some patients to stay at the patient hospital. If that should be the case, the customer only pays the statutory charges set by the sending municipality or joint municipal authority, which is the same regardless of whether the guest is staying in the hospital or at the patient hotel.

The patient’s family member(s) may choose to stay with the patient in the same room. Rooms can be inter-connected to turn them into family rooms. The patient hotel charges an additional fee in accordance with its current price list for extra guests in the same room.

Comprehensive hotel package

Heart Hospital’s patients have a quota in the patient hotel, which ensures that there will always be a room available for patients regardless of the time of year. Ask for a quote, and we will prepare a package for you including the treatments and the hotel, which contains:

  • The required nights in the patient hotel for you and family member(s)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner, supper)
  • Alarm system in your room (if necessary)
  • Nursing care 24/7 (if necessary).

The hotel serves first and foremost patients and their relatives but is also open to other guests. Read more about the Norlandia Tampere hotel