Physiotherapy after coronary procedure

Exercise is an important part of a coronary patient’s self-care.

The patient benefits from becoming mobile early. Becoming mobile while in hospital is good medicine. Exercise is gradually increased as the rehabilitation progresses. It is important to find the courage and motivation for exercise already in the hospital. The patient needs advice on how to take exercise at home to achieve health benefits, and thus becomes motivated for continued mobility.

The patient’s diagnosis of coronary heart disease often comes as a shock and they should be given instructions for achieving correct self-care after their recuperation to slow down the progression of their coronary heart disease. Some patients need further instruction after the hospital inpatient stage either at their own health centre or at Heart Hospital Polyclinic.

In hospital, the physiotherapist assesses the patient’s performance, suggests appropriate exercise for their situation and gives instructions on what exercise they should take after discharge.

Heart disease diagnoses is often a new issue for the patient, and they must also be given instructions for self-care following discharge. Even if the diagnosis of illness is not new, it is important for the post-discharge care issues to be addressed. Some patients need further guidance after the hospital stay either at their own health centre or at the Heart Hospital policlinic.