Physiotherapy after heart attack

The status of a patient with myocardial infarction is initially acute and often the patient has also had coronary angioplasty.

When the acute phase has passed, the patient’s rehabilitation starts in hospital. In physiotherapy, it is important to advance at the patient’s pace, taking account of their strength and condition. In the hospital, the physiotherapist assesses the patient’s performance, suggests appropriate exercise and gives instructions on what exercise to take after discharge.

Getting mobile early promotes recovery and taking exercise in the hospital is good medicine. Exercise is gradually increased as the rehabilitation progresses. It is important to find the courage and motivation for exercise while in hospital.

Heart disease diagnosis often comes as a surprise to the patient, and they must also be given instructions for the post-convalescence period. Some patients need further guidance after the hospital stay either at their own health centre or the Heart Hospital Polyclinic.