Physiotherapy after pneumothorax

The patient benefits from becoming mobile early. Becoming mobile while in hospital is good medicine.

Walking is the best way to become mobile. Being upright and walking are gradually increased as the rehabilitation progresses. If necessary, the patient will be instructed to do breathing exercises with a training device to ventilate the lungs. Attention should be paid to the smoothness of breathing, posture, relaxation and symmetry of the posture. Exhausting physical exercise should be avoided for 3 weeks after pneumothorax surgery. Attention should be paid to maintaining the mobility of upper limbs, especially if the patient has had a painful hose/suction device attached. If the condition of the patient has required surgical treatment, they will be provided with appropriate rehabilitation and instructions afterward.

If necessary, the patient is offered physiotherapy (by occupational health, health centre, regional hospital, private clinic) or other support to maintain their mobility and functional capacity.