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Physiotherapy at Heart Hospital

Our physiotherapists perform their work at Heart Hospital’s intensive care unit, monitoring and inpatient wards, and outpatient clinic, helping patients with their recovery after, for example, a cardiac event or a heart or a lung procedure. The physiotherapists also serve as experts in matters related to mobility and functional ability in multiprofessional teams informing heart patients of their condition. At Heart Hospital, physiotherapists assess patients’ performance, guide patients in exercising according to their situations, and provide guidance for independent rehabilitation activities.

Physiotherapy is intended to provide optimum mobility and functional ability. However, objectives are always set with consideration to the patient’s individual situation. The need for physiotherapy is always determined in cooperation with other professionals. Heart Hospital employs approximately ten physiotherapists who work in close cooperation with doctors, treatment staff and other specialised staff. Our physiotherapists primarily work during office hours on weekdays. At least one physiotherapist is on duty on Saturdays to help those patients who need rehabilitation most urgently. Physiotherapy services are also available during holidays and in the summer.