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Sexual counselling

Sexuality is part of the life of each of us, and it is important that we can discuss it openly and receive relevant information on the subject.

Sexual counselling usually takes place 1–5 times and is undertaken individually, taking account of the patient’s situation and discussing sexual health issues and any problems in a challenging and interactive way.

Heart disease and other similar conditions and resulting treatments may have an impact on the patient’s sexual health. They can discuss these issues and ask questions. The patient may attend the sexual counsellor’s practice alone or with a partner.

The practice may be attended, for instance, for the following reasons:

  • Impotence
  • Problems related to self-belief or sexual orientation
  • Challenges of sexual life in different life situations
  • Effects of disease-related procedures and medications on sexuality and sex life

Sexual problems may include lack of arousal, erection and ejaculation (e.g. premature or delayed ejaculation), discomfort in penetration or orgasm difficulties. Sexual counselling can guide the patient through general issues of heart disease and sexuality or focus more closely on the patient’s individual issues related to sexuality.

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Consultations and discussions are always confidential.

”I am Eveliina Keskinen, a nurse and licensed sexual counsellor at Heart Hospital. As a nurse I worked in cardiac monitoring and have almost 10 years’ experience in cardiology nursing, and in general nursing since the beginning of the 2000s.

I graduated as a sexual counsellor in 2011 and am a member of Finnish Society for Clinical Sexology. As a sex counsellor, I see heart disease patients during their treatment period and give them information on the effects of heart disease and related procedures and medications on sexuality.

In addition, I deal with patients’ other issues related to sexuality, such as sexual dysfunction. I have also trained nursing professionals and lectured to heart disease patients on the subject ‘Heart disease and sexuality’.”