When you have received a referral

Welcome to Heart Hospital

Before arriving in Heart Hospital, you will receive a letter of invitation containing detailed instructions for your admission, including where and when to check in, and how your treatment will proceed. The letter will also contain a contact number where you can call for more information or get answers to any questions that you may have.

Cancelling a reserved appointment

Occasionally, the patient needs to cancel their allocated time. The most common cause of withdrawal is illness, such as cold or fever. The letter of invitation sent to you contains a phone number that you can call to cancel the appointment or contact us with other questions related to your appointment or procedure. We ask that any cancellations are made in good time so that the cancelled appointment can be allocated to someone else who is in urgent need.

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

To ensure a comfortable inpatient experience, the patient should get everything ready before their admission. The patient may choose to be accompanied by a relative or friend. The staff will tell the escort where to wait during the treatment.

You should bring with you:

  • Personal hygiene items
  • Personal aids, such as hearing aid and walking stick
  • An up-to-date list of drugs and medicinal products
  • Information on allergies and diets
  • Contact details of loved one(s)
  • Kela card
  • Mobile phone

You should leave at home:

  • Large sums of money and valuables
  • You must not bring any alcohol to the hospital

Mobile phones, mobile devices and laptops

You can bring your own mobile phone to the hospital. However, as mobile phones and devices may interfere with some of the diagnostic devices and scientific apparatus, their use in the hospital is limited, particularly in the operating room, intensive care, recovery room and other areas where devices sensitive to interference are used. You need your own internet connection for a portable computer and tablet that is brought to the hospital, because the hospital operates on a closed network.

Kela taxi at your use

If you require the use of a taxi for health reasons, you can take advantage of a Kela taxi when you arrive and when you leave. By showing your Kela card you pay only a deductible of € 25 for a one-way trip. When ordering a taxi, please mention the following: name and personal ID, pick-up point, destination (hospital name), agreed arrival time at the hospital, any mobility aids you are taking, whether you will be accompanied by anyone, and the phone number on which you can be contacted.