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Heart Hospital as a workplace

An inspirational and motivating atmosphere where co-workers are valued is the prerequisite of a good workplace

In Heart Hospital we work in an encouraging, motivating and rewarding atmosphere. All our activities are aimed at providing the patient with excellent care and a peace of mind.

As an organisation we are built around the heart patient and the different cardiology experts work together for the best of the patient. Our activities involve almost 700 experts, of whom approximately 70 are doctors, 270 nurses and 60 support staff and departmental secretaries. We seek to establish a permanent employment relationship with our employees, develop our operations, and ensure the best possible customer experience and service for our patients. For this reason, employee induction, well-being at work and cooperation are at the heart of Heart Hospital’s HR policy. Our recruitment is coordinated by an HR director who works in cooperation with unit directors and senior officers.

Employee benefits

In addition to significant and interesting work, we offer our employees the following benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Help with childcare
  • Opportunity to train and study alongside work
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Subsidised workplace catering
  • Subsidised commuting/complimentary parking
  • Opportunity for job rotation
  • Wellbeing at work activities and the Fitness 55 programme for health promotion and work-life balance

Said by people working for us:

“We have a good working atmosphere. I feel that Heart Hospital as an employer appreciates our efforts. Everyone has a real desire to help the patients.”

“I feel that my work is meaningful and valued. I can do the work in Heart Hospital that I consider important.”

“Direct feedback from patients is a good thing. When you are good to others, you receive goodness in return.”

“We have a caring organisation and kind managers. Everyone’s goal is to work for the best of the patient.”