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Research groups

ECG study group

Heart Hospital has a study group focusing on ECG research, which conducts national and international research cooperation. The research topics mainly deal with ECG changes in coronary heart attacks and structural heart defects.

Study group name: TaTe Group (Tampere-Tel Aviv ECG research group)

Study group leaders: Kjell Nikus and Markku Eskola

Objectives of the study

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a laboratory test that has been used for over a century. The ECG is an important tool and widely used by healthcare professionals. The 12-lead ECG has been studied extensively in the diagnosis and risk assessment of various cardiovascular diseases, but the topic sill contains areas that are surprisingly inadequately researched.

Heart Hospital acts as a core laboratory for major international multi-centre research ECG analyses. A total of over 10,000 patients with STEMI were enrolled in the TOTAL trial. By comparing ECG findings with clinical endpoint and angiography findings, it is possible to study the pathophysiological background and diagnostic and predictive significance of different ECG manifestations.

Among other things, the TaTe Group has studied the predictive significance of previously unpublished ECG parameters in both coronary heart disease and heart failure. New parameters that help risk assessment can be readily adopted to clinical use, with the 12-lead ECG widely used at healthcare facilities. The key task of the research group is to make better use of ECG diagnostic and predictive information in clinical decision-making; this will enable them to better target diagnostic and therapeutic resources in the treatment of heart patients.

The group comprises the following researchers: medical student Eero Anttonen, MD Petri Haataja, Docent Erkki Ilveskoski, Docent Olli Kajander, MD Kimmo Koivula, MD Jyri Koivumäki, medical student Joonas Leivo and MD Minna Tahvainen.

Research collaboration

  • The Finnish Cardiovascular Study (FINCAVAS) and atherosclerosis study groups – Professor Mika Kähönen and Professor Terho Lehtimäki et al
  • Tampere Acute Coronary Syndrome Study (TACOS) group – Professor Pekka Karhunen, MD Mika Martiskainen et al
  • FinHCM study group – Professor Johanna Kuusisto et al
  • Health 2000 – Professor Mika Kähönen et al
  • HUS-STEMI – Cardiologist Jyrki Lilleberg et al
  • DANAMI study group, Denmark
  • MONAMI study group, Denmark
  • Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), Canada
  • Professor Samuel Sclarovsky, Israel

In addition, the group cooperates with Chinese, Turkish, Brazilian, US, Canadian, Swiss and Swedish researchers.

Want to know more about the research group’s activities and research?

Contact Professor Kjell Nikus, Tel: +358 (0)50 5575 396, kjell.nikus(at)