Societal impact

Heart Hospital as a societal venture

For Heart Hospital, social entrepreneurship means operating responsibly, providing quality care, education and research, and developing patient-centred healthcare. Our main task is to ensure our patients’ smooth high-quality care.

Responsible, 100% Finnish player

For us, social entrepreneurship means transparency of operations and acknowledgement of social impacts. It is important to us that we are identified as a responsible, 100% Finnish health care organization.

Securing impactful and cost-effective patient care

In our Articles of Association, the main objective of our operations is to secure impactful and cost-effective patient care. The patient-centred system works: it increases well-being and saves social costs through timely and appropriate care.

Development of public healthcare

Being societal is also an important development activity for us. We are involved in the development of public healthcare along the lines of the Healthcare Act to make it better quality and more patient-centred. We want to act as an example of how well-functioning business models can work in specialist healthcare and at the same time, make public healthcare effective, top-quality, and profitable.

Employee wellbeing creates the foundation for further development

The prerequisite for effective operations is active promotion of wellbeing at work – by doing this, we can ensure a skillful and knowledgeable workforce and top-quality teams to look after our patients. Wellbeing at work in Heart Hospital is maintained by close cooperation between employees and the employer.

Heart Hospital’s Social Enterprise Mark

In 2016, Heart Hospital was for the first time awarded the Social enterprise mark by the Association for Finnish Work. The award is given to an enterprise whose primary goal is to solve social or ecological problems, and which spends at least half of its profits on supporting this work. It is also important to demonstrate the company’s social impact and the transparency of its operations.

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