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Fatigue and weakness

How can I tell whether fatigue and weakness is cardiac?

Fatigue is a very general symptom. Abnormal fatigue is sometimes said to precede heart disease, such as myocardial infarction. However, the symptom may be difficult to identify, because fatigue alone does not indicate a heart disease.

It is important to make a distinction between fatigue and tiring. If you have to stop to rest after a short walk, it is good to check whether you have a heart disease. Patients often have other symptoms beside fatigue, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Because exercise and exertion increase the need of oxygen in the muscles, the heart must be able to pump blood more effectively. An increasing depletion of energy indicates that the heart failure is aggravating. A brisk walk may make you stop and normal house chores may feel challenging. Fatigue and energy depletion may be mistakenly interpreted as symptoms of aging and poor physical condition. They are not always correctly interpreted as symptoms of heart failure. Fatigue may increase gradually, making the interpretation of the symptoms even more difficult.

Continuous feeling of fatigue – when to seek treatment?

It is always good to examine the cause of fatigue, if the fatigue is continuous and interferes with normal life. If you experience a feeling of fatigue for no reason, you should get examined. Many reasons may cause continuous fatigue. Even though fatigue is usually easy to treat, it may also indicate a more severe problem.

It is always important to examine the cause fatigue and energy depletion.