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Juha Heikkilä

Lic.Med., Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology

Tel. +358 50 339 2437



  • Heart ultrasound examinations
  • Invasive examinations and PCI procedures
  • Pacemakers and pacemaker treatment

I work at Helsinki Heart Hospital as a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology as well as Operations Manager. Previously, I worked as an operating cardiologist in the Helsinki-Uusimaa Hospital District and Päijät-Häme Central Hospital.

My interest in the heart health of athletes derives from my own background as a competitive athlete and trainer of competing juniors (tennis). Nowadays, I exercise actively, focusing on cycling, tennis, golf and body care.

Kirsi Korpi

Sports cardiologist

Tel. +358 50 339 2437



  • Heart ultrasound examinations
  • Clinical stress tests
  • Treatment and prevention of arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy
  • Health examinations of athletes
  • Assessments on whether competitive sports should be continued

Before my career in medicine, I was a speed skater at national team level. I am familiar with frequent, high-intensive training and its related problems. My love for speed skating made me take on the role of physician for the national Finnish speed skating team ten years ago, and I am still active in this position.

My passion for sports has also enabled me to work and have an influence on many sectors of sports. I have treated athletes in individual and team sports in all matters related to an athlete’s heart and condition. I worked as doctor for the Finnish Olympic Team in the Olympic Games in South Korea in 2018, taking responsibility for the ice village and the speed skaters in particular. In 2016–2017, I was the team doctor for the Veikkausliiga (the premier division of Finnish football) HIFK men’s football team. I have been responsible for medical care at several sports events, such as the World Championships in youth speed skating, the Finland-Sweden Athletics International and Runfest events.

Due to my background in sports, I have always been extremely interested in sports medicine and wanted to connect it with cardiology. I became interested in imaging and ultrasound research when I was a student, and the technology in these areas has continued to develop throughout my career. Heart ultrasound examinations have become an integral part of, for example, footballers’ health examinations, instituted by UEFA, which I have been conducting for various teams for a long time.

Kjell Nikus

Professor of Cardiology, Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology

Tel. +358 50 573 6875



  • Interpreting ECG
  • Treatment and prevention of cardiomyopathy
  • Analysing chest pain
  • Health examinations of athletes

My medical experience is varied, but ultimately I specialised in internal medicine and afterwards cardiology. Initially, I was an invasive cardiologist, meaning that I carried out invasive procedures. Nowadays, my focus areas include interpreting ECG and long-term ECG monitoring. I am also Professor of Cardiology at the University of Tampere. I am one of the pioneers of cardiology remote consultation activity in Finland.

Sports has always been something close to my heart. In recent years, I have also gained recognition as a specialist in athlete’s heart issues. I am frequently consulted about changes in ECG. I am happy to give my opinion on challenging ECG cases concerning athletes in consultations with, for example, sports medicine specialists and other colleagues working with athletes.

My own background in competitive sports is limited to my junior years. I competed in weight-lifting, discus throwing and shot-putting. I participated at the Finnish Junior Championships. Nowadays I’m an armchair athlete and go running regularly throughout the year.