Accessing treatment

Accessing treatment in Heart Hospital regardless of your home municipality

Heart Hospital operates in Tampere, Valkeakoski, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Helsinki. You can be treated at Heart Hospital whether you attend privately via our own clinic or are a referral by a publicly funded healthcare provider. Public-sector patients from other municipalities can also choose Heart Hospital for their treatment thanks to the patient’s right to choose.

Accessing treatment as a public-sector patient

As a public-sector patient, you need a letter of referral from your health centre or your healthcare professional. Once your doctor has determined that your heart symptoms need further treatment, you can ask them for a letter of referral to Heart Hospital. If you select treatment in Heart Hospital as a public-sector patient, you only pay the public-sector polyclinic and hospital charges. Read more about pricing

Accessing treatment as a private patient

You can also seek treatment via our private health centres, located in Tampere and Helsinki. As a private person, you are responsible for the cost of your treatment yourself unless you have suitable private health insurance cover that will partially or fully cover your treatment costs. After the first appointment, if your doctor finds further treatment necessary, you will have the opportunity to receive it as a public-sector patient.

Accessing treatment using the patient’s freedom of choice

The Act on Freedom of Choice also brings patients more freedom of choice in specialised medical care. In practice, this means that the patient and their doctor can choose a treatment centre for the special medical care in any city. Read more about the freedom of choice at