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Freedom of choice over the service provider

The Act on Freedom of Choice also brings patients more freedom of choice in specialised care. In practice, this means that the patient and their doctor can choose freely the service provider and clinic that the patient’s specialised care requires, in any city.

How to proceed?

Your doctor will decide on the need for further examination or treatment. Once the need has been established, the patient’s doctor writes them a letter of referral, if appropriate. The doctor and patient can jointly decide which service provider the patient is referred to, with the doctor ensuring that the chosen clinic has the required speciality and expertise. The patient ultimately chooses the right clinic to treat their symptoms, however.

The right to opt for specialised care applies to non-urgent examination or treatment given in the hospital. If there is a waiting list at the chosen clinic, patients are treated in order of arrival of the referrals and based on how urgently each patient needs care.

In cases of sudden illness, everyone gets urgent care regardless of their place of residence, in the nearest hospital with the required expertise and preparedness to treat the patient.

When you come to Tampere University Hospital, you can also be treated in Heart Hospital. The referral will then be written to Tampere University Hospital.


Your treatment at Heart Hospital costs you the same as it would cost in the public hospitals of your home city. The charges are in accordance with the laws and regulations governing social and healthcare charges. The patient does not incur extra charges for the procedure or surgery.

Client fees at Heart Hospital

Patient at the centre

Heart Hospital publishes on its website information on available investigations and treatments with respect to realised treatment times, customer satisfaction, and treatment outcomes.

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