Heart Hospital’s private practices

Comprehensive range of cardiac care services for private patients

Heart Hospital offers an extensive range of high‑quality examination and treatment procedures also for private patients. The hospital’s private practice offers patients quick and easy access to the services of top heart specialists. At the private practice, each patient can have an individual care plan drawn up and the required procedures set up quickly and effortlessly.

Anyone over 16 years of age can come to the private practice in any matters relating to heart diseases.

Accessing world-class further treatment via Heart Hospital’s private practices

Heart Hospital has private practices in Tampere and Jyväskylä. Both private practices offer patients access, with a letter of referral, to a medical procedure either as a private or public-sector patient thanks to the patient’s freedom of choice.

Professional cardiologists

The quality of service is ensured by our cardiac experts, of whom patients may choose the most suitable. Each of our specialists has specific areas of competence. However, all our cardiac doctors examine and treat all heart symptoms and diseases.

When should you book?

We recommend that you contact our private practice if:

  • You are worried about any heart symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, symptoms of arrhythmia)
  • You suspect you have a heart disease and wish to have the symptoms examined
  • You have been diagnosed with a heart disease and would like a cardiac specialist’s opinion on the optimum treatment
  • You have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease and you would like a cardiac specialist to serve as your personal doctor and to regularly monitor your condition

Book an appointment to see one of our heart specialists

Tampere private practice, contact details

Jyväskylä (Nova) private practice, contact details