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Helsinki private clinic payments and fees

Fees vary according to the appointment duration and procedures.

The following price lists show the average price of consultations and medical procedures. Doctor’s reports and certificates are invoiced in line with the issuing doctor’s charges.

The admin fee in 2020 is €19,00 and it is charged in addition to clinic and examination charges.

Kela provides reimbursement for part of the fees charged. Kela reimbursement is deducted from the balance automatically.

If you are unable to arrive your appointment, please cancel 24 hours before your appointment is scheduled.  We reserve the right to invoice for appointments not cancelled at all.

Payment methods: payment card or payment by invoice

Client fees for referred patients

Private clinic prices, Helsinki

Clinic appointmentsPrice without Kela reimbursement €Admin chargePrice after rembursement (includes admin charge)
Telephone consultation*
Telephone consultation with a specialist, duration approximately 5 minutes
Clinic appointment with a nurse, including laboratory tests
Duration 45 minutes
Clinic appointment with a cardiologist/cardiac surgeon
Duration 20 minutes
Clinic appointment with a cardiologist/cardiac surgeon
Duration 30 minutes
Clinic appointment with a cardiologist/cardiac surgeon
Duration 45 minutes
Clinic appointment with a cardiologist, including echocardiogram
First appointment with a cardiologist, duration 45 minutes
Clinic appointment with a cardiologist, including pacemaker therapies195,0019,00 198,00
Physiotherapy, duration 60 minutes70,0019,00
Physiotherapy, duration 45 minutes60,0019,00
Physiotherapy, duration 30 minutes50,0019,00


ExaminationsPrice without Kela reimbursement €Admin chargePrice after rembursement (includes admin charg)
Pacemaker testing performed at the clinic195,0019,00198,00
24-hour ECG tracing

Long-term tracing of heart rhythm
incl. cardiologist’s report

Long-term ECG tracing (2–7 days)

Long-term tracing of heart rhythm (2–7 days)
incl. cardiologist’s report

24-hour blood pressure measuring,
incl. cardiologist’s report
295,00 19,00276,00
Clinical stress test, bicycle ergometer,
incl. cardiologist’s report
Comprehensive echocardiogram
Echocardiogram performed at the clinic
Transoesophageal echocardiogram
Transoesophageal echocardiogram performed at the clinic
Cardioversion, incl. anaesthesia and ECG599,0019,00588,00


ProceduresPrice €
Coronary angiography1 165,48
Coronary angioplasty
Coronary angioplasty (incl. metal stents), 1 night at the hospital
4 113,76
Coronary angiography and angioplasty

Coronary angiography including angioplasty (incl. metal stents) during the same procedure, one night at the hospital

Price after Kela rembursement 4110,16 euros

Price of extra coronary interventions:

Special diagnostics kit

Special accessory kit (special procedure accessories, pre-arranged)

Complexity premium (procedure that takes a long time or is particularly demanding, pre-arranged)



1 426,00


For prices for other services, please contact our customer service 050 357 5180.

Other services than the packages/additional charges mentioned above may be charged to the customer in accordance with a separately planned/delivered treatment offer and/or the applicable general service charge list.

The prices quoted here include any VAT. Prices are valid for the time being.