Number of treatments

Sydänsairaalan ja Taysin päärakennuksen etupiha

Number of treatments in Heart Hospital

The services of Heart Hospital comprise research into heart disease, planning and implementation of care, and follow-up of treatment.

Tampere 2021

January – Decemberpcs
Angiograms3 541
Coronary angioplasty1 457
Pacemaker procedures1 572
Cardiac arrhythmia investigations and ablation treatments1 003
Open heart surgery600
Thoracic procedures and operations500


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days41 495
Treatment periods10 557
Outpatient visits and consultations54 399


Hämeenlinna 2021

January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty207
Pacemaker procedures234


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days4 231
Treatment periods1 141
Outpatient visits and consultations