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Number of treatments

Sydänsairaalan ja Taysin päärakennuksen etupiha

Number of treatments in Heart Hospital

The services of Heart Hospital comprise research into heart disease, planning and implementation of care, and follow-up of treatment. Our patients are cared for by 500 care sector professionals.

Tampere 2019


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty1288
Pacemaker procedures1416
Cardiac arrhythmia investigations and ablation treatments870
Open heart surgery602
Thoracic procedures and operations541


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days38 922
Treatment periods10 376
Outpatient visits and consultations56 618


Helsinki 2019


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty74
Pacemaker procedures19


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days471
Treatment periods469
Outpatient visits and consultations3203


Hämeenlinna 2019


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty178
Pacemaker procedures251


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment daysdata not available
Treatment periodsdata not available
Outpatient visits and consultationsdata not available