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Number of treatments

Number of treatments in Heart Hospital

The services of Heart Hospital comprise research into heart disease, planning and implementation of care, and follow-up of treatment. Our patients are cared for by 500 care sector professionals.

Tampere 2018


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty1120
Pacemaker procedures1245
Cardiac arrhythmia investigations and ablation treatments778
Open heart surgery587
Thoracic procedures and operations481


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days31 931
Treatment periods9143
Outpatient visits and consultations53 043


Helsinki 2018


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty108
Pacemaker procedures (since October)10


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment days600
Treatment periods531
Outpatient visits and consultations2832


Hämeenlinna 2018


January – Decemberpcs
Coronary angioplasty161
Pacemaker procedures252


January – Decemberpcs
Treatment daysdata not available
Treatment periodsdata not available
Outpatient visits and consultationsdata not available