Referred patients

Heart Hospital offers examination and treatment of all heart symptoms and diseases, as well as thoracic surgery.

To see a Heart Hospital cardiologist, the patient needs a letter of referral from a public-sector health centre, occupational health facility or hospital, or from a private doctor.

Accessing treatment with a public-sector referral

The referring doctor evaluates the patient’s need for further investigations or treatment. The patient can then request a letter of referral to Heart Hospital to obtain these services. The service provider and clinic are always selected jointly with the referring doctor.

Specialists at Heart Hospital

We employ more than 700 experts in six hospital units. We work in multidisciplinary care teams so that we can provide each patient smooth, effective and safe medical care. Our key goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Client fees

Public-sector patients only pay the standard polyclinic and hospital inpatient charges for their treatment in Heart Hospital. These charges are in line with the laws and regulations set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning social and health care client fees. The patient does not incur further charges for their procedure or surgery. The treatment is invoiced by The Pirkanmaa Hospital District Joint Municipal.

Heart Hospital client fees

Freedom of choice over the service provider

The Act on Freedom of Choice also brings patients more freedom of choice in specialised care. In practice, this means that the patient and their doctor can choose freely the service provider and clinic that the patient’s specialised care requires, in any city.

More information on the freedom of choice: tel. +358 (0)3 311 64145 or