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The Introduction of Heart Hospital

Hoitaja ja potilas toimenpideosastolla

Heart Hospital gives you excellent care and peace of mind

Heart Hospital is specialized in the treatment of heart problems. Heart Hospital gives you quality care and heartfelt service.

It is important to us that our patients receive a smooth, effective and safe treatment experience. Our task is to ensure the health of our patients’ hearts, their comprehensive wellbeing, and peace of mind.

Access to care from anywhere in Finland

Thanks to the new freedom of choice legislation, patients have access to treatment from anywhere in Finland, regardless of their home municipality or city. As a public hospital, we can offer investigations and treatments at the public-sector rates. The Act on Freedom of Choice gives patient and their referring doctor the freedom to jointly choose the service provider or clinic for their specialized care.

Our multi-disciplinary cardiac team is ready for you

In Heart Hospital, cardiac patients are treated by 700 specialists. We work in multi-disciplinary care teams so that we can provide each patient smooth, effective and safe medical care.

Our doctors and nursing staff ensure that the information you receive is easy-to-understand and that you can influence the decision-making associated with your medical care. In Heart Hospital you get a smooth care chain from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Cooperation between five locations

Heart Hospital operates in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Valkeakoski, Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki. The range of services varies from location to location. Thanks to the close cooperation between these clinics, we can offer our clients comprehensive quality cardiac care ranging from diagnosis to demanding heart surgery and rehabilitation.

Pioneer in public healthcare

Heart Hospital combines the best of the public and private sector operating models to produce outstanding healthcare services for the patient. We want to show that public healthcare can also be smooth, effective and top quality, to the benefit of the patients.

Heart Hospital is part of Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s joint municipal group and operates in a corporate form. The company is owned by the municipal coalition of Pirkanmaa, Keski-Suomi and Kanta-Häme Hospital Districts.

Heart Hospital’s Social Enterprice logo

In 2016, Heart Hospital was awarded the Social Enterprise mark by the Association for Finnish Work. This award is given to companies whose primary goal is to solve societal or ecological problems and who spend at least half of their profits on supporting these goals.

For us, social entrepreneurship goes together with having transparent operations and shouldering societal impacts. For us, it is important to be recognised as a responsible 100% Finnish-owned operator.