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Tampe­re Heart Hospital

Tays Heart Hospital in Tampere treats patients who need major cardiac or cardiothoracic treatment. Tampere Heart Hospital is a full-service 24/7 hospital.


Cardiology unit

  • Investigating, planning and monitoring of heart diseases, cardiology procedures, such as angiography and angioplasty, as well as arrhythmia treatments such as ablation and pacemaker implantation
  • Outpatient clinics, cardiac interventions ward and five top-notch angiography laboratories

Services of operating and treatment rooms

  • Challenging procedures, such as cardiac bypass operations as well as valvular and aortal operations
  • Four fully equipped operating rooms

Cardiac wards

  • Heart monitoring of emergency cardiac patients requiring intensive care and cardiac surgery
  • Cardiac ward for heart patients having various cardiac treatments (60 beds, 35 of which are for heart monitoring)
  • Coronary care unit

Intensive care unit

  • Patients requiring intensive treatment and care

Cardiothoracic ward

  • Treatment of patients with cardiac, pulmonary or thoracic disease or trauma
  • Polyclinic services

Services of the private practice in Tampe­re

  • Consultations with a cardiologist
  • Echocardiograms
  • Clinical endurance
  • Measuring pacemaker performance
  • EKG long-term monitoring
  • Challenging cardiac procedures
  • Sports cardiology

Tays Hatanpää Hospital

Tays Heart Hospital operates also in Tays Hatanpää Hospital. Heart Hospital services contains the cardiac outpatient clinic and cardiac ward. A letter of referral is required to access the clinic and treatments.

Information about Tays Hatanpää