Referred patients

Accessing treatment with a public-sector referral

To see a Heart Hospital cardiologist, the patient needs a letter of referral from a public-sector health centre, occupational health facility or hospital, or from a private doctor. As a public-sector patient, you only pay the standard polyclinic and hospital charges.

Referral from a doctor

The referring doctor evaluates the patient’s need for further investigations or treatment. The patient can then request a letter of referral to Heart Hospital to obtain these services. The service provider and clinic are always selected jointly with the referring doctor.

Only polyclinic and hospital inpatient charges payable

Public-sector patients only pay the standard polyclinic and hospital inpatient charges for their treatment in Heart Hospital. The polyclinic charge is 35,30€ per appointment and the hospital inpatient charge is 47,90€ per 24-hour period. These charges are in line with the laws and regulations set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning social and health care client fees. The patient does not incur further charges for their procedure or surgery. The treatment is invoiced by The Pirkanmaa Hospital District Joint Municipal.

Maximum payable for social and healthcare client fees

The daily fee for short-term institutional care is 47,90€ per day (in 2018). During the calendar year, the public healthcare costs incurred by the client are subject to an annual ceiling, which in 2018-2019 is 683€. When the ceiling has been reached, short-term institutional care is charged at 22,50€ per day. The client is in charge of monitoring the payments and the transfer of payment information between service providers.

Travel costs

Kela reimburses the patient for their travel costs (usually by the cheapest means of transport) to hospital or rehabilitation. To be reimbursed for a taxi, the patient must get a statement from the hospital explaining why the use of a taxi is necessary. The patient must negotiate taxi journeys resulting from lack of public transport directly with Kela to get those journeys reimbursed.

Sickness allowance

Sickness allowance replaces the loss of earnings lasting less than one year. To apply for sickness allowance, the patient asks for a medical certificate which is then submitted to either the employer or Kela. The medical certificate must be accompanied by a separate sickness allowance application. More information on social security during sickness can be obtained from the social worker of your department, Kela, and the unemployment funds of trade unions.

Home-help services to support convalescence

Municipal home-help services are provided on demand. In addition, several private service providers and organisations provide home-help services. If necessary, you may contact the social worker of your department, or the service provider directly.

Medicine reimbursement

Many heart medicines belong to the so-called lower reimbursement class, which in 2014 was 65% of the price of the medicine.

Special reimbursement is applied for using the doctor’s B statement, which the applicant must submit to Kela or the workplace’s sickness fund.